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Game Rental

Playing in our children's house is a great thing, but it's even more fun outdoors in the fresh air.

Thanks to the right team from the extensive vehicle fleet of our children's playhouse, even the evening journey home in a stylish Seepark Rallye becomes a thrilling undertaking.

If you don't want to come out of the exciting world of games after a visit to our children's house, simply take your favourite game with you to the holiday home for an evening of games with Mom & Dad.

From well-known classics such as "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" to patiently testing detective games such as "Cluedo", we have the right thing up our sleeve for every child from the age of two.

Games Age 2 - 4

Obstgarten, Klick Klack, Tempo kleine Fische, some Memory, Colorama, Puzzle, Quips, Lotti Karotti, Leo muss zum Friseur, Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, Spielhaus, Uno Kids, Stecken und Bauen, Sau-Bande, Cardgames

Games Age 5 - 10

Monopoly Junior, Make a Break, Plitsch Platsch Pinguin, Einfach genial Junior, Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, Ausgeflippt - Das Original, Rummikup + Zusatzspiel, Spiel des Lebens, Spielesammlung, Uno, Veflixt, Sprechhexe, Blockers, Zahlen Zauber, Sagaland, 5 vor 12, Der große Wurf, Das weiß doch jedes Kind, Der zerstreute Pharao, Halli Galli, Jenga, Kniffel Junior, Kniffel, Ligretto, Mausgetrixt, Pinguin, Monsterfalle, Qwirkle, Verflixt

Games Age from 10

Activity, Die Siedler von Catan, Einfach genial, Phase 10, Risiko, dass große Strategiespiel, Poker, Jambo, 6 nimmt, Cluedo, Schwarz Rot Gelb, Concept, Hanabi, Anno 1701, Monopoly Mega, Kreuz und Quer